Thank you for visiting my blog… and Enjoy!

I am…
Gita, a full-time music lover and enjoyed watching k-dramas. I listen to K-pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Soul & Easy Listening musics. If I’m not listening to music or watching drama series and movies (Korean, Japanese, Action, Thriller, etc) I always end up reading a book, learning Korean Language or just busy surfing the internet to plan for my next trip.
I work from Monday to Saturday, my field is community nutrition. Despite my work, I always have an interest about traveling, beauty tips, gadget and mobile technology. I just love it and spent lots of my time blog-walking that topics.
My Goals (in 3 years)
Continue my study majoring in Nutrition, take TOPIK test (level 3 or 4 at that) and traveling across Japan & South Korea (Jeju, Busan, Seoul, etc).
It’s great to have a dream to catch… ❤